Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Saving Time and Money

Helping The Removalist

When it comes to paying a removalist by the hour, it pays to think ahead and make sure everything is ready to go for your removalist.

Some of the things that can slow your removalist down I have listed below, these are what I have found to effect the removalists time the most.

Loose Items

1. Pack Loose Items: Make sure all the loose items you need transported have been packed properly. Don't leave loose items unpacked as they are hard to handle and can mean extra walking to and from the truck. Items like bed pieces, garden tools, kids toys, cushions etc. can be taped and or boxed to save your time.


2. Arrange parking:  If you share a driveway or street parking is the only option it can cause a lot of time wasting for your removalists. Letting your neighbours know in advance you will need access to the driveway for a couple hours while the removalists are loading or parking your vehicle on the street to save a park can ensure close walking distance and speed up the overall removal time.

Smaller Items

3. Smaller Items: If possible try to have all of smaller items packed. If you are able to carry these smaller items have them placed close to where the truck will be parked. When it comes to saving money this can be one of the biggest time savers.

Extra Hands

4. Friends Helping: If the removalist allows, this will save you the most time and money. Many hands make light work its that simple.