Monday, 2 March 2015

Choosing the right Brisbane Removalist

As a Brisbane Removalist we aim to provide clients with the best possible service and advise. We get asked all the time what makes a great Brisbane Removals Service better than the rest. Below I have listed a few things that are important to consider when choosing the right Brisbane Removalist


1. The main thing to consider for me is workmanship or quality of service. A simple way to find out a little more about the company you are considering using for your Furniture Removals is to search the companies name directly. E.g type Sunshine State Removals into Google this will bring up all web listings for this company.

By doing this you can find reviews and other important information about the Brisbane Removalist you are thinking about using for your move. Another variation is to search for Sunshine State Removals reviews

Price Details

2. The Second thing to consider is the obvious "price". Brisbane Removalists charge by the hour, set rates or even capped rates. The difference when choosing the right Brisbane removalist are the hidden costs you have not been made aware of. Some of these cost are, Depot fees, call out fees, fuel, hourly increments, charges for insurance and so on there are a wide range of hidden fees some Brisbane removalists use so always be sure to get a quote in writting.

If the company you are looking to use for your Furniture removal doesn't want to provide a written quote then I would suggest looking for a different company.


3. This can be overlooked or misinterpreted but the third thing to consider is insurance or no damages warranty's. Transit Insurance offers by Brisbane Removalists can have many loop holes you should ask for a copy of their policy. "Transit Insurance" generally means while in transit, while most damages are incurred carrying the furniture to and from the house. Ask what the transit insurance covers is it only fire, thief and roll over or are you covered for any and all damages.

No damage guarantee's are normally provided to the client by the company. The company may have full insurance or decide to cover damages out of their own pocket. As a client ask for one of these and have the details written into your quote. I.e No damage guarantee pays for any and all items, glass included.

These are the three most important things to consider when choosing the right Brisbane removalist. Be sure to check at least the reviews about the company your considering to move you personal effects.