Saturday, 12 November 2016

Brisbane Furniture Removals Info to consider when choosing a removalist

Brisbane & Gold Coast Furniture Removals Tips and Info

One of the most important questions....

“Are there any other fees or charges you haven’t mentioned”

...can be the difference to a Great move well done or a NIGHTMARE!

Three Common Complaints we hear from our New clients in regards to other Brisbane and Gold Coast Removalists are the “HIDDEN” fees they weren’t made aware of

1The main hidden fee that most are caught by is the “Depot or call out fee”
This fee other Brisbane and Gold Coast Removalists like to hide in the fine print can range from 30 minutes to 4 HOURS! and more.

2The second complaint often mentioned is the "Minimum Time"
Minimum Time fees are another Hidden gem often found tucked away in the fine print. Some Gold Coast & Brisbane Furniture Removalists charge a 4 hour minimum. If your move only takes 2 hours then your being over charged and should have been made aware.

3The third most mentioned & unwarranted fee has to do with the" Quoted Price"
You may have heard the saying  "If it sounds to good to be True Then it Probably is" ... this often rings true when it comes to super low rates. This Hidden Fee works well as a smoke screen and had to be mentioned.

A rate of $65 per hour is quoted, for your 2 hour move should be $130 GREAT!...When you receive the final bill not so great!!

Hidden Fees. - 
1.   Depot fee, Fuel levy, Call out = 1 hour  $65 
2,   3 Hour Minimum = $195
3.   Smoke screen = GST 10% - Heavy Lifting Fee $25 - Stair Fee $50- 4% Card Fee - Tolls -ETC. 

Total - Over $500

As you can see Hidden fees can cause a lot of damage to your overall experience. Don't forget to ask about Hidden Fees, Charges and Cost's next time your talking to a Removalist.

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